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3D Printers… They’re as amazing as they sound
Over the years some gadgets come and go, but the printer has been one that has been a necessary evil, killing tree’s but doing it better than photocopiers.  Now, we have the evolution of the printer, the 3D printer.   What it doesn’t do is print 3d 2d images that you can look at with cool glasses to make it feel 3d.  Though that would be cool in itself.  Instead it prints out actual objects, in hard liquid plastic resin material… first it’s liquid, then it hardens to become solid.  But you already figured that out didn’t you.  The cool factor is off the charts.  Since the best bet is to go for the 2 newest ones out there, here’s a great article comparing the 2 best of the newest models.  So check it out, and print out a 3D world of your imagination.


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