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Cherry Blossom Trees – Taiwan 

February in Taiwan can be magical. Check out the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village for the annual Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival and experience a colour explosion

(imgaes from

2013 Summer of Ghibli

Studio Ghibli has announced 2 films that will be coming out the summer of 2013. Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises is about a man who designs Japanese fighter planes during World War II. The other film Isao Takahata’s The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter will be taking on the Japanese folktale. Check out this Ghibli blog to find out more. 

Celine Cabas Phantom 

Yes it is expensive.  And it’s expensively tempting.  Celine keeps sweeping off our feet.  For the ladies who loves simplicity.  Here’s simple with luxury.

Crowd Lu – "Lonesome. Test."

It’s quite interesting how this super talented Taiwanese singer-songwriter began his music career.  Lu was run over by a bus in his freshman year at university.  Suffered from severe injuries in both legs, he was forced to spend months in hospital and during the time, he picked up the guitar – and started his compositions then.  He wowed the public with his very first album “Good morning, Beautiful Dawn!”, “Lonesome. Test”(寂寞考”) is one of the tracks in this very album.

Hong Kong.  I love Hong Kong. 

It is colorful, energetic, vibrant, full of fun, Hong Kong has always been the city of excitement…not to mention the drastic changes in the past 15 years.  I love the city and I certainly miss the city a lot…therefore it’s so nice to get to read what Michael Crichton once said about the city, “There are few sights as exciting as landing in Kai Tak Airport in Hong Kong at night. The mountains, the water, the lights of the buildings make it magical, like flying into the center of a glowing jewel. I was tremendously excited as I looked out the window. And then to step off the plane and be assailed by the smells — that peculiarly Asian combination of sea water, dried fish, packed humanity — my excitement increased tenfold. And during in a taxi through the city, past the open, brightly lit stalls, people squatting on the pavement, working, all the street life — fantastic! I had never seen anything like this!”

Quoted from “Travel” (1988)

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To read more:

Legoland in Malaysia!

Either you hate it or love it. You probably had played with Lego when you were a kid. Next time you visit Malaysia, how about play a visit to Legoland there! It will sure bring out the kids in you!

Please read further at New York Times.

Sweet Corn… Ice Bar? 

It’s basically popsicles, in sweet corn flavour.  Yes, sweet corn.  And there are actual bits of corn in them.  It’s weird, but it works.  

The true boutique hotel 

Hotel Gault, located in the heart of Old Montreal… sometimes I would debate with myself on whether I enjoy Montreal more or Hotel Gault.  You will be fascinated by everything Gault offers to her guests: from its luxury-modern designed rooms, to the impeccable customer service, to the oh-so-fulfilling meticulously prepared brunch.  I would encourage you to find out more on their website, I would encourage even more for you to stay there and experience it yourself.  

Images from: google

Chatter of Doomsday Makes Beijing Nervous

If you are reading this, either Asia is all burning and fire is coming at you, or the Doomsday prediction is way off.  China is taking extra precautions, the Beijing government have arrested over 1000 people spreading Doomsday predictions and have branded them as an “evil cult”

Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flats

Can’t get enough flats, can we?  JK D’Orsay Flats come in board range of colours & materials… just when you think you’ve got enough pairs of flats? Good luck girls.

French Perle set by Lenox

I used to think I would only get dinnerware in white and white-only. Used to.  And then I saw this turquoise Lenox set.  Ah, the heck with the white-only-minimalism, my minimalism now comes with a little bit of blue.  

Ellen Loo -  "Dancing in the wasteland"

Originally from the musical group at 17, Loo is now one of the most talented singer-songwriters in Hong Kong.荒蕪中起舞(“Dancing in the wasteland”) is one of my favourites in her first debut album.

2012’s top photo’s from the world of Sport.

Totally Cool Pix has put up an awesome array of photo’s from sports that have occurred over the last 365 days.  Definitely worth checking out, just following the source link below.

Project Imagin8ion

Project Imagion8ion is an interesting concept developed by Canon. Users submit photos that are then used as inspiration for short films by celebrity directors. Check out Bryce Dallas Howard’s “When you find me”

"When you find me" short:

More info on Project Imagion8ion:    

Shopping for Spring ….2013?

I love shopping for Spring clothes in  February or March, it is still cold out but there is something to look forward to. But is it a bit too early to shop Spring stuff before Christmas? I didn’t even start wearing my down jacket jet here in Toronto. We think not,   1 of my favourite shops is bringing out 2013 SS, so start early, gentlemen.

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